Throughout my formal art education I have always been encouraged to research cross-disciplinarily. This way of thinking has translated into the way that I see. Rather than seeing differences I see similarities.

Both disciplines share the iterative process of creating and analysing. However I feel the full power that technology endows us with is not being utilised in creative pursuits.

Both engineering and creative design are forms of understanding the, somewhat, chaotic world around us. They go about it in different ways, finding collective logical truths that can be tested and verified, to discovering a very individual truth. However, both aim to share this view with the wider world for the collective good.

For me, the unification of these two different ways of seeing is the space in which something new and unexplained is discovered. I can’t wait.

What they do not share is the way in which their value is quantified. Finite element analysis has boundary conditions and numerical values. The worth of a piece of jewellery is not decided and varies from person to person. However, even these need not be so separate…